Tradepoint B&Q

HTML emails, web banners and website design

I worked at Chandlers Ford, in Eastleigh at B&Q’s HQ in Hampshire for this 4 month contract.  I was lead digital designer and was responsible for designing and creating HTML BAU emails each week. I was also responsible for creating a series of Welcome emails, for new clients and there were 5 in total. These I designed and hand coded as responsive emails to display correctly on any device. Normal BAU emails, were designed in Photoshop and created by a bespoke online web application which was an easy drag and drop feature which sped up the creation of each email in order to get up to 4 emails out a week.  For more advanced formatting I would take the code into Dreamweaver and add custom code in order to change the design as the online creator was limited. Emails were responsive.

I was also involved in designing ideas for modernising the website, and created mock ups of the homepage in a cleaner design, modern and more fresh looking design as I felt that the Tradepoint look was outdated. I am happy to see that in the time since I left this contract they have definitely redone the look of their website and it looks much cleaner now.  I was offered a full time permanent role at Tradepoint but as it was a very far commute for me, I only intended this to be a short term contract.  Before I left, I trained up one of their print designers to take on my role of digital designer.  My contract was to prove that they required an in-house digital designer, which we achieved.

I designed graphic content for social media platforms, web banners and the look and feel for the internal company intranet in addition to the above responsibilities.